Air Hogs RC Sharpshooter, Missile Firing Helicopter - White/Red

No target is safe from the pin point accuracy of the missile-launching Sharpshooter
Take aim and blast your enemies with the push of a button
Use your arsenal of plastic missiles to attack stationary targets or engage in full on air-to-air combat - Just steady, aim, fire
With Steady Fly Technology you can engage targets like never before
Turn any room into the ultimate battleground with the Air Hogs Sharpshooter. Prepare for sky-high battles with the blue Air Hogs R/C Sharp Shooter Helicopter This awesome remote control chopper has built-in firing missile weapons to fire six missiles at your target at the touch of a button Fly Multiple Sharp Shooters in the Same Room with 2 Frequencies With Steady Flight and Tail-Lock Technology, this 65 inches long Sharp Shooter can be piloted left, right, up and down with precision and it'll even hover in place Included are 1 Sharp Shooter, 6 Missiles, 2 Targets, 1 Controller/Charger and 1 Instruction Sheet